Cross-cultural, overseas missional experienced leaders

To all Ministers/ Church Councils, MSB’s: 

Greetings . . . .

The Kaimai Presbytery Council wishes to alert you to the value in engaging leaders who have significant missional experience overseas in cross cultural contexts. Such leaders have insights and practical skills to assist in the ministry challenges facing us today. We can learn much from their experience.

  • Their ability to observe and learn new cultures (language, values, world views, communication etc.) and adapt ministry and the proclamation of the gospel for that new culture.
  • Their capacity to adjust to a context that, like NZ today, constantly changes and challenges. Their growth in resilience is sometimes remarkable.
  • Their experience of living by faith and by needing to dig deep into spiritual resources. Often this has been heightened by living with limited resources and in contexts of considerable need.
  • Their contribution as ‘mature disciples’ who have proved their faith through obedience and serving beyond their comfort zones for Jesus Christ.
 We encourage you to explore the possibility of engaging such leaders – they have much wisdom and life-experience to share from their cross-cultural service. As well as retired missionaries there have also been a number of others who have returned to NZ because of COVID-19. Check your own networks or Mission Agencies for information.
Leslie Newbegin retired from his missionary service in India and did some of his best work in his later years – bringing insights and challenges about the re-evangelisation of the western world. His work is still widely referenced today.

 Youth Ministry

If you are looking for a youth worker for your parish, contact the Presbyterian Youth Ministry office, they will be the best place to start.