Ministry Vacancies

Below are available vacancies within the Kaimai Presbytery.

If you are looking for a youth worker for your parish, contact the Presbyterian Youth Ministry office, they will be the best place to start.

Chartwell Cooperating Church in Hamilton, is seeking a full time, nationally ordained, Presbyterian minister for our busy,   dynamic church. This minister will work as one of two ministers within a larger ministry team. Our church successfully combines three denominations which provides naturally theologically inclusive, open and diverse faith experiences within our church community.  READ MORE >

St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Hamilton 
St Andrew’s, a committed congregation, is ready for transformation. St Andrew’s has superb facilities and we are particularly keen to  use them in a way that brings Christ to more people particularly young families and youth. In order to achieve this we know we need to do things differently to how things have been done in the past. We are more than ready to invest fully in a way forward. The documents on spell this out in greater detail. READ MORE >