Kaimai Presbytery Strategic Framework

The Vision of Kaimai Presbytery

(Adopted at inauguration September 2009)

‘Our vision is that the churches of Kaimai Presbytery will be healthy and growing, their fruitfulness flowing from their experience of spiritual vitality and their engagement with the world; a united and vibrant movement of people empowered by the Holy Spirit and with a variety of different expressions of life and mission. Imagine the Presbytery like the Kaimai bush – nourished and flourishing, richly varied yet inter-dependent, fruitful and beautiful.’

The Strategic Plan of Kaimai Presbytery

(Adopted June-July 2019, to be progressively implemented and developed)

Implementing Presbytery’s Primary Directions:

  • Prioritising the Mission of God in all of the presbytery’s decisions and work.
  • Planting new congregations within and beyond current parishes.

Nurturing our Spiritual Health:

  • Facilitating a culture and practice of prayer.
  • Holding an annual Spiritual Retreat for leaders.
  • Engaging with ministers and parishes about spiritual vitality.

Encouraging Health and Growth in Local Churches:

  • Encouraging parishes through Re-Views; three-yearly, or on request or presbytery initiative.
  • Supporting Ministers through three-yearly Re-Views concurrent with parish Re-Views.
  • Providing a coaching process, assisting parishes to be more effective in God’s mission.
  • Exploring with parishes ending their season of life the possibility of closure, and options for an on-going faith community.
  • Initiating conversations with parishes in regional areas where parishes are languishing in health and growth.
  • Refusing requests for parish amalgamations for reasons of decline.
    Building partnerships that help achieve the Strategic Plan. (e.g. with PressGo)
    Inviting Cooperative Ventures to adopt the Strategic Plan for the long term.

Investing in Missional leadership:

  • Prioritising the enlistment of leaders in local churches and the presbytery with missional skills and experience and helping develop those skills in presbytery’s leaders.  
  • Emphasising the enlistment of leaders from younger generations.
  • Casting nets widely for leaders with missional skills and experience.
    Encouraging the innovation of new and diverse mission shaped models of ministry.

Resourcing Mission:

  • Providing grants from the Mission Initiatives Fund to assist in new mission initiatives in parishes and presbytery that help achieve the Strategic Plan within the whole Kaimai area.
  • Prioritising grants for new mission projects and new leadership for those projects, for innovative models of church and mission, for resourcing existing leadership for mission, and for purchasing land for future faith communities and mission centres.
  • Exploring new streams of income to resource the mission of presbytery.

See the full 2019 Report and Specific Recommendations: ‘Strategic Framework’ here and for the text only version here.