COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

We recognise that these are challenging times for our churches and their congregations, so this page has been dedicated to providing some useful links and resources for helping churches and their congregations to keep safe and provide support for their people. If you have additional resources that others may benefit from please email

Government Advice

For the latest health advice and information please refer to the Ministry of Health website

The NZ Government has a special Website dedicated to the COVID-19 Coronavirus here.

PCANZ Advice and Guidance

PCANZ Guidance about COVID-19 can be found here

If any parishes require the  PCNAZ communications team’s assistance responding to media queries, please contact the PCANZ Communications Director

You can also access a PCANZ Facebook page to share resources and helpful tips here.

For PYM news, advice and resources for Youth Ministry visit their website here.

QR Code Posters

When the Government QR code app and posters were first released a Business Identification
Number (BIN) was required. Some churches did not have a BIN. This has since been updated and a
BIN is no longer compulsory.
If you want to generate a QR Poster for your church, visit
The Business Industry Code for churches (which includes all church operations, for example youth
ministry activities) is S954010.

Financial Assistance

The impact of Covid-19 will have financial implications for many parishes.  For more information on the financial assistance currently being offered by the Government click here.

A worksheet has been produced for parishes to assist them with deciding on whether to apply for the wage subsidy and the application process. Download the worksheet here. The Kaimai Presbytery Treasurer support person is Martyn Vincent.
Information on the Government wage subsidy parishes and other charities are able to apply for can be accessed here.  Ministers are classed as employees for the purposes of the wage subsidy. Charities are not required to have a NZBN so leave this field blank when filling in the application.

Minister’s Terms of Call / Variation of Stipend and allowances

It is also important to remember that the terms of call are set by Presbytery and if congregations need to raise concerns about their financial viability, and in particular their ability to fund their Minister’s stipend or staff salaries and wages, the first step is contact the Convenor.

The Council has produced guidelines for any requests to varying stipend and/ or allowances. The guidelines can be downloaded here.

Opinion from the Book of Order Advisory Committee on Electronic Meetings
Information and guidance relating to electronic meetings during COVID-19 has been provided from PCANZ.  Please find the memo from AES here and the opinion from the Book of Order Advisory Committee here. Guidance relating to meetings and services that need to be held in a period where we are not able to physically gather can be accessed here.

Church Legal Handbook from Parry Field Lawyers

Online Church Survival Guide

Copyright – does your church require a streaming licence to post your worship online?
Whilst social distancing measures are being taken to slow the spread of Covid-19 in our communities, many churches are choosing to stream online their worship and devotions. This is a great way to reach your church family and let them know that even apart we are joined together in worship. However, it is important at this time that churches do not breach copyright law by streaming online content that requires a separate Streaming Licence.

Please check to see if your church requires a separate or additional streaming licence. See more about streaming online on the PCANZ website, and read more about the CCLI streaming licence here and the One License streaming licence here.

The PCANZ is not able to purchase a streaming license to cover all its churches.

The Moderator, the Right Rev. Fakaofo Kaio, is providing a weekly devotional video during this time. It can be accessed here.

Church Property
The key advice from Crombie Lockwood, the Presbyterian Insurance Collective’s broker, is to ensure parishes take reasonable precautions to protect their property by ensuring they are securely locked up, alarms are set, etc. . . in the same way they would at the end of the day.
Crombie Lockwood have also produced an advisory note regarding contract works. I know we have a few parishes that are engaged in construction. Click here to download the advisory note.

Pasifika Congregations and Communities

A video clip has been prepared specifically for Pasifika congregations and communities. It can be accessed here.

Pastoral Care

At times like this, we need to consider different ways of supporting each other. The Health & Wellbeing page on the Government website has lots of information and sources of support. Visit the page here.

Some suggested ways for caring for others include:

  • creating a closed Facebook page for your neighbourhood
  • being a point of contact (phone) for people to share their concerns, anxiety

The Christian Century has put together 10 Guidelines for pastoral care during the coronavirus outbreak. They can be found here

Working remotely

Information about free or discounted tools from TechSoup New Zealand to help you work from home can be found here.