COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

We recognise that these are challenging times for our churches and their congregations, so this page has been dedicated to providing some useful links and resources for helping churches and their congregations to keep safe and provide support for their people. If you have additional resources that others may benefit from please email

Government Advice

For the latest health advice and information please refer to the Ministry of Health website

The NZ Government has a special Website dedicated to the COVID-19 Coronavirus here.

PCANZ Advice and Guidance

The PCANZ resource PCANZ Guidance: Churches and Coronavirus can be accessed here. It should be read with the updates issued on 19 March and 23 March, the latter in response to the raising of the Alert Levels to 3 & 4.

The PCANZ Website has a page dedicated to the Coronavirus, including links to helpful resources for online church, and ministry with children, youth and families. This page can be accessed here.

If any parishes require the  PCNAZ communications team’s assistance responding to media queries, please contact the PCANZ Communications Director

You can also access a PCANZ Facebook page to share resources and helpful tips here.

For PYM news, advice and resources for Youth Ministry visit their website here.

Talking to children or others about COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)? Kids Friendly have put together resources for children and families for responding to COVID-19. The Kids Friendly page can be accessed here. Helpful guidance and a good video to watch can also be found here.

Financial Assistance

For advice on the financial implications of COVID-19 the PCANZ Treasurers March Newsletter provides guidance and links for Parishes to access. Parishes and other charities are able to apply for the wage subsidy and details on how to apply are included in the PCANZ Treasurers March Newsletter, you can download it here.

If you wish to find out more about the nature of the wage subsidy and leave payment, you can find it here on the Work and Income Website.

It is also important to remember that the terms of call are set by Presbytery and if congregations need to raise concerns about their financial viability, and in particular their ability to fund their Minister’s stipend or staff salaries and wages, the first step is contact the Convenor.

Gatherings for Worship

From 23 March 2020, all physical gatherings for public services of worship in the Presbyterian Church are suspended until further notice. You can read the letter from the AES here.

At Alert Level 3 & 4 public gatherings inside or outside of any size are now prohibited. This includes weddings and funerals.

The Moderator, the Right Rev. Fakaofo Kaio, is providing a weekly devotional video during this time. It can be accessed here.

The Takapuna Methodist Church is live-streaming its Sunday morning services at 10:00am each Sunday. They can also be viewed afterwards. Click here to access.

Pasifika Congregations and Communities

A video clip has been prepared specifically for Pasifika congregations and communities. It can be accessed here.

Pastoral Care

At times like this, we need to consider different ways of supporting each other.

Some suggested ways for caring for others include:

  • providing frozen meals
  • creating a closed Facebook page for your neighbourhood
  • being a point of contact (phone) for people to share their concerns, anxiety

The Christian Century has put together 10 Guidelines for pastoral care during the coronavirus outbreak. They can be found here

Working remotely

Information about free or discounted tools from TechSoup New Zealand to help you work from home can be found here.