Compliance Matters

In recent times compliance has become an important requirement for churches. We recognise that this poses a challenge, particularly for small congregations. We cannot avoid these compliance obligations, so we must instead develop skills at congregational level for managing compliance.

This section of the website is being developed to help churches deal with these compliance obligations. It will be a work in progress as we search out and gather suitable resources to help churches. We invite suggestions for improvement and the best way of making the suggestions is to email the Presbytery Administrator. We are particularly open to suggestions of helpful links to other websites that could be included. We will be grateful for any congregational sample policies that you might feel able to contribute for inclusion because these may be helpful to other congregations.

We are focusing on six areas of compliance. Each of these areas has a separate page on this website. The areas are listed below. Click on the name and it will take you to the relevant page.

To complete the Compliance Audit Survey use the button at the bottom of the page.

Health & Safety


Personal Information

Child Protection Policy


Charities Responsibilities

For a legal perspective on each of the above areas you can refer to the legal handbook for churches produced by Parry Field Lawyers.

A copy of the Complaints Contacts Poster can be found here.