Child Protection Policy

Child Protection SP Final

We invite you and your community to activity engage and make this vitally important policy a living document so we all share in the responsibility to ensure all children are protected.

We believe it is critical to have competent and committed governance and leadership which develops and maintains a child safe culture. For the policy to be effective, it requires awareness and knowledge in all parts of the Church. It requires a commitment to shared personal responsibility to ensure children are protected.

We believe that all people, including children, are made in the image of God and thereby have an inherent value and dignity. We must be committed to providing safe environments for all people, including children, so that they may live life in all its fullness.  We must be committed to protecting children from physical or mental harm and neglect, including
sexual abuse and exploitation.

Children are gifts of God to be received, welcomed and to be cared for responsibly and justly. The Gospel also directs us to listen to and learn from children.